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Some inns in Europe affordable for tourists

For those of you who want to travel abroad, of course, in addition to the price of airline tickets is a venue that became crucial to note. Actually, there are many choices of places to stay which can be arranged according to fund the travel, ranging from hostels, hotels, up to the apartment.

Suppose you want to vacation in Continental Europe, the first impression you can imagine the high cost. Not only the cost of travel, meals, and of course the inn there. There are few tourists who prefer to stay in hostel-style shared rooms. One reason is that it can save money, which can be used for other purposes during the holidays, such as pay admission rides, buy souvenirs or pay excess baggage on air.

Here is the information we can from Indonesia CNN website, which distributes affordable lodging information. For tourists who do not hesitate to stay at the hostel, the following are a few options hostel with rates below 200 thousands around the center of Europe, as quoted by the Independent on Tuesday (11/10):


  1. Berlin, Germany

Located in the area that is not too crowded, but Hostel baxpax downtown located near the city center. Travelers who want to visit the Brandenburg Gate or the Holocaust Memorial can walk 15 minutes from here. The interior room is quite comfortable, coupled with the bar. With a rate of about Rp141 thousand per night, travelers should be willing to share a room with 24 people in one room.


  1. Warsaw, Poland

Being in Praga, an area crammed with revelry typical hipster, rates per night to stay at Hostel Fabryka around Rp115 thousand, with 12 people in one room. The interior of the room is simple – more like a warehouse with white walls and wooden floors, but cleanliness is maintained.


  1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Located in the heart of Oostpoort, Amigo Budget Hostel can be easily visited from the city center. The building is relatively new, with simple and minimalist interior. Rates per night around Rp148 thousand, with six people in one room.

Amigo Budget Hostel Room
Amigo Budget Hostel Room


  1. Vienna, Republic of Austria

Located right next to the major railway stations, A & O Wien Hauptbahnhof Hostel new operation about three years. So the room was very new and clean. Not only the dining room, there is also a bar. Rates per night around Rp148 thousand, with six people in one room.


  1. Athens, Greece

Located in the city center, Pagrati Youth Hostel is fairly quiet and safe. Around the hostel there are many bars and places to eat. Rates per night around Rp141 thousand, with six people in one room, not including the hot water facility. This hostel does not have a signboard of the building, so travelers should be diligent in asking if the first time to come here.


  1. Prague, Czech Republic

Nyawan, clean, available internet network as well as free coffee and tea are the main services of Boudnik Hostel. Located in the city center, this hostel can be reached by a 20 minute walk. Rates per night around Rp80 thousand, with nine people in one room.


  1. Budapest, Hungary

Located in the city center, CoolTour Hostel cost about Rp78 thousand per night, with nine people in one room. The interior is simple but bright colors. There is a bar in the building.


  1. Zagreb, Croatia


From Ban Jelacic Square, Bureau Hostel can be reached by walking for three minutes. The building was recently repaired, so it is very clean. There are rooms with balconies with panoramic city views. Rates per night around Rp144 thousand, with 12 people in one room.


  1. Lisbon, Portugal

Apart from the cleanliness of the room, the service employees were friendly also be one consideration hostel travelers choose to stay. Lisboa Central Hostel has both and is only about two kilometers from downtown. A complimentary breakfast is available from 08.00 to 11.00. Taken care of by the family, this hostel has received a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. Rates per night around Rp155 thousand, with six people in one room.


  1. Skopje, Macedonia

It seems like only City Hostel which gives the room price for two people with a very cheap rate in Europe, which is about Rp98 thousand per person. If the price of the room it is still too expensive, this hostel offers shared rooms with some people. Although not too close to downtown, but this hostel is in a comfortable and safe neighborhood.